Person 1: Have you completed your homework? The deadline is tomorrow.

Person 2: No. I have a plan.

Person 1: What are you going to do?

Person 2: I’m going to say “My laptop broke and it’s being repaired. It will be fixed by tomorrow.”. To which the teacher would respond by saying “Fine. Give it to me tomorrow.”.

I’m proposing « Par lequel le prof répondrait en disant “Très bien. Demandez-le à moi demain.” » Is this correct? Thank you for your help. 😊

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The following would be correct.

  • Ce à quoi le prof répondrait en disant “Très bien. Remettez-le moi demain."

("demander" never means "donner" (to hand in something to someone).

  • Thank you for your help! 😊
    – Noybwbh
    Commented Jan 19, 2021 at 1:16

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