The verb "Savoir" when it comes to Je. It is sais.

And according to this sentence:

Comment puis-je savoir quel...

How do I know when...

But here, I'm using savoir, and not sais. Why can this be done? I mean, this sentence is about me = je, should it not be then

Comment puis-je sais quel...



When one a verb follows another verb, the second one must be in infinitive form.

Je peux savoir...=>Comment puis-je savoir...

[Note it is more to common to see comment est-ce que je peux savoir]

Infinitive governed by a verb

  • When I talk inside forums, they never use "est-ce que".
    – MrYui
    Mar 29 at 15:41
  • @DanielMårtensson "Puis-je..." is quite formal so I would say that "Est-ce que je peux..." is more common. And what's even more common is simply saying "Je peux...? (that is, with rising intonation)". Whether my assertion is valid can be verified by a native.
    – Dimitris
    Mar 29 at 16:04
  • @Dimitris It is. "Je peux... ?" is quite informal but ok in everyday speech.
    – Sacha
    Mar 29 at 21:11

In fact, it is the same as in English. you would say

"How does he know?" and not "how does he knows?

The second verb is not related to the subject but to the first verb, so it takes the infinitive form whatever person is related.

  • I'm not sure this holds up, 'how does he know' would be translated as 'comment sait-il'. 'Does' is an auxiliary verb here, not a main verb.
    – Sacha
    Mar 29 at 19:54

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