In the poem "L'Accent Grave", I came across this line:

Suffit. Pas tant de manières. Et conjuguez-moi le verbe être, comme tout le monde...

When I looked up the meaning of 'pas tant de manières', it was translated to be 'Not so many ways', which I feel doesn't quite make sense here. Does it have a different meaning in the poem?

Link to a PDF of the poem: https://nanopdf.com/download/laccent-grave_pdf

Thank you

  • Beware that the pdf you posted a link to has many mistakes.
    – jlliagre
    Mar 30 at 19:25

The link contains do not put on airs which is more insightful a translation than the word for word one you provided. The meaning of manières is akin to an affected manner (behavior) or being difficult etc. The verb faire (see II. A. 1.) is often used with a noun to create meaningful verbal constructs about some action or its effect with a focus on manner, and also as a generic colloquial replacement for something more specific.

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