I'm looking at my calendar in a software package:

enter image description here

Should this be called an agenda or a calendrier? From e.g. Agendas et calendriers - Vivre le temps qui passe I get the impression I should use agenda, but if I e.g. look at the English language where agenda and calendar are defined similarly, yet calendar is definitely the term to use. *
(This is for software translations)

* And in Dutch where we have agenda and kalender, we use agenda again ;-)

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    If you search on bol.com for "agenda" and "kalender", you get quite an explicit view of what an "agenda" and a "calendrier" are in French. In this case, as stated in the answers, it's clearly an agenda. Basically a "calendrier" usually doesn't specify hours, while an agenda does. – Laurent S. Apr 8 at 21:57
  • "Emploi du temps" can also be used. – Lepticed Apr 9 at 8:12
  • Thanks for the replies; I'm not going to mark one as the correct answer. – Jan Doggen Apr 20 at 15:15
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    @Lepticed Emploi-du-temps is almost only used in a school or academic context and is originally used to tell the day and start/end time of repetitive classes (every week or every other week) for a given grade. It is true that moving from paper to electronic made the emplois du temps more flexible, and they can now show the days of month and month itself while the original ones only showed the days of the week. – jlliagre Apr 20 at 15:51
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    @Lepticed I have no doubt that you know but as you didn't state the context where emploi du temps is used, my comment was more for non native readers, including the OP, to be aware of it. – jlliagre Apr 21 at 9:32

Agenda better suit the need.

A calendrier only shows the weekdays, generic events like public holidays, school vacations, saints of the day, seasons, moon phases and so on while an agenda is something used to schedule personal events, make sure they do not overlap. An agenda is a personal organizer, it shows hours while a calendrier smallest unit is usually a day.


Pour moi un agenda est un carnet dans lequel on note les choses à faire organisées par dates et heures.

Un calendrier est plutôt une table des jours, semaines et mois avec parfois des indications pour chaque période: tel jour est un lundi, tel autre est la pleine lune, telle semaine est une période de vacances scolaires, etc.

Je dirais que les principales différences sont qu'un agenda est personnel et a vocation à être modifié alors qu'un calendrier a une portée plus générale et reste statique.

  • pour moi, si le nom du jour n'est pas indiqué, ca n'est pas un calendrier... – Laurent S. Apr 8 at 22:02

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