While doing a test, I encountered the following question:

Le rôle du directeur _________ par un comédien amateur.

And I wonder which of these answers is correct:

  • est joué
  • se joue

On one hand, est joué is the passive voice of verb jouer and the actor is the one, who does the action, on the other hand I know that reflexive verbs are sometimes used to display passive voice. So I wonder: which of these two is correct?

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est joué is the correct answer. I’m not able to give you a reason why you couldn’t use a reflexive verb, but one example where se joue can be used is "Le rôle du directeur se joue facilement".


The reason you cannot use a reflexive when the object is explicitly stated is that it would cause said object to appear both as a noun and as a pronoun, which is normally considered an error of syntax.

Compare it to a phrase like "Le rôle du directeur _____ différemment de nos jours" where both the reflexive and passive voice are possible.

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