What are the differences, if any, between "par bonheur", "par chance" et "heureusement" ? According to my dictionary, they all convey " fortunately; luckily; thankfully;".

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    What are the differences, if any, between "fortunately", "luckily" and "thankfully"? They are all synonyms, thus, you may use them interchangeably unless you mean something specific.
    – tharibo
    May 7, 2021 at 11:47

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The meaning is the almost the same.

Par bonheur and Par chance are totally interchangeable, though Par bonheur is less frequent.

Heureusement can be used a way the two other don't :

  • Expressing relief (soulagement) rather than just luck or an unexpected positive event :

Tu as fini par arriver, heureusement sinon j'aurais été obligé de partir!

  • Contruction with "que"

Heureusement que tu es venu, je ne connaissais personne avant que tu arrives!

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