I am having trouble understanding the usage of the indefinite article in the following sentences.

(i) On n'a que des problèmes avec cette machine

(ii) Goûte ça : c'est du cheval ! Ce n'est pas du bœuf.

My understanding was that we do not use de in negative expressions. Is there something here I am missing?

  • We do use "use de in negative expressions". The rule is roughly that: we do not use the indefinite article (un, une) in negative sentences, un and une become de or d' (in front of a vowel or mute h) after a negative expression (ne...pas / ne...jamais / ne...plus ... etc.). There is no indefinite article in any of your sentences, des (standing for de les and du (standing for de le) are partitive articles. I suggest you visit the two answers to this question about the use of de in negative sentences.
    – None
    Jul 11 at 16:23

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