On the wikipedia page for multiculturalisme it says « Le multiculturalisme...fait référence à...des politique diverses qui peuvent aller du plaidoyer d'un respect des diverses cultures d'une société, à des politiques de promotion...». How do I translate aller du plaidoyer because DeepL says it means "go from advocacy" but that seems very literal so I'm not sure.

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You shouldn't translate "aller du plaidoyer" on its own. The expression you're looking for is:

Aller de A à B

It means "to range from A to B", "to include anything for A to B". Here it means:

Multiculturalism refers to various policies, ranging from pleas for a respect for the various cultures of a society, to policies promoting [...]

If you want to mention more than two things, a common variation of that expression is:

Aller de A à B, en passant par C, D et E

Or sometimes

Aller de A, à B, à C


In order to understand the sentence you need to cut it down properly :

Aller de [quelque chose] à [autre chose]
To go from [something/somewhere] to [something else/somewhere else]

Aller du [plaidoyer d'un respect des diverses cultures d'une société] à [des politiques de promotion].

Then you need to understand these parts:

Plaidoyer d'un respect des diverses cultures d'une société.
Politiques de promotion.

Personally in this case I would translate plaidoyer by "plea (in favour of...)" and politiques by "strategies".

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