A skip-level meeting is a:

a meeting where a manager's manager meets directly with employees, without that manager in attendance.

What's the translation of "skip-level meeting" in French?

Google translate and Linguee didn't help.

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In France, it's called:

Meeting/rencontre avec son N+2 (pronounced: N plus deux).

Our direct manager is our N+1, their manager our N+2, and so on up to the CEO.

On the opposite, if a manager meet employees two hierarchical levels under them, that would be:

Meeting/rencontre avec ses N-2 (or N-3, ...).

I forgot Earendelle's réunion that can be and is also used in France instead of meeting.

A meeting/réunion is usually formal and planned, a rencontre is informal and often unplanned.


I've never heard of this so I have no idea if these entries from Canadian sources are actually used in Canada but still:

Réunion non hiérarchique (GDT)
Réunion sautant un niveau hiérarchique (Termium)

The second one could possibly be adjusted (un, deux etc.) like with the solution from another answer.

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