I would like to make some of the cocktails described in this wine merchant's brochure from 1934.

But I don't know what "F.P." means in the given cocktail recipes and I can not devise a search term which gives me useful results.

I suspect, from the context, that it means something like "Your Preferred Brand".

What does "F.P." mean?

Here's an example (the link above is to a scanned document, hence not not easily copied):


Port Whine Cocktail

** Dans un verre à mélange; mettre quelques morceaux de glace - 3 traits de Bitter - 2 traits de Curaçao F.P. - Finir avec Porto Rouge F.P. - Remuer et passer dans un verre à Madère - Servir avec un zeste de citron.

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That's Félix Potin, famous for its motto, Félix Potin, on y revient. See the French Godfather of Modern Grocery Stores


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