Before start, sorry for my poor English because English is a unfamiliar language for me.

I heard a sentence "C'est ce qu'a précisé Emmanuel Macron" from RFI Le Journal en français facile, 16 June 2022.

According to the answer on other question in this site, non-pronoun subject in a subordinate clause can be inverted or not. So I tried to make that sentence not inverted.

  1. C'est ce qu'Emmanuel Macron a précisé.
  2. C'est ce qu'Emmanuel Macron a-t-il précisé.

Are the sentences correct? If so, which is more natural for native speakers? Or not, please give me a right sentence.


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The second sentence is not correct because you already mentioned the subject of the subordinate ("Emmanuel Macron") thus you don't have to repeat it ("-t-il")

The first sentence is correct.

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