Following up on a discussion in Github, I would be interested in some factual information about the usage of the word vite as an adjective.

I have never heard that usage in 50 years of French (as a native French) so I was very much surprised to discover that vite can be used as an adjective; According to Le Robert:

moderne, Sports Le coureur le plus vite.

A generic Google search does not really show results so I am quite confused.

What would be a good, quantitative way to assess whether this expression is in actual use?

Note: the question is in English as I would like to add the answers to the GitHub discussion as another perspective (no matter what the result is - I am very curious myself


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Although very rare, it is definitely in use, if only by sport commentators.

See Why does the word "vite" stay the same in adjective AND adverb form?

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