I'm working on a project that needs french translation. Can you help me?

A little context

This page shows a report with events that happened during a period.

The text I need to translate is this: (in bold)

Unjustified Major Events The total number of events that do not have a justification.

Total Major Events The total of events in general.

Data Entry Score The proportion of justified events.

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Here is a translation that I would suggest

Unjustified Major Events translated as "Événements majeurs non justifiés"

Total Major Events translated as "Nombre total d'événements majeurs"

Data Entry Score translated as "Pourcentage de données rentrées"

Hope it can help you :D


Unjustified Major Events → Évènements majeurs sans justification

I put "without justification/sans justification" because "unjustified/injustifié" doesn't feel natural to me.

Total Major Events → Total des évènements majeurs

Simple and transparent.

Data Entry Score → Score de saisie des données

Not 100% sure this is the best translation, but it is a literal translation and gets the point across

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