I am bit confused on this:

Il s'ennuie. (ou) Il est ennuie. which is right?

When I google, it looks like the first one is correct. Not sure why second one is not.

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The first one is correct indeed:

Il s'ennuie. - He is bored.

The second might be modified to:

Il est ennuyé.

but the meaning is slightly different (He is bothered / annoyed.)


The first turn is the correct one. The verb s'ennuyer is a prenominal one. See, for instance, https://www.larousse.fr/conjugaison/francais/s%27ennuyer/4106

Il s'ennuie (present tense, 3rd person of singular).


Il s'est ennuyé (present perfect, aka passé composé, 3rd person of singular).

Prenominal verbs are conjugated with the auxiliary verb être in compound tenses.

Note also that there is the turn:

Il est ennuyé

'être ennuyé' is a passive verb.

According to https://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/ennuyer/29683 it conveys

Éprouver de la contrariété, du souci pour telle ou telle raison ; être préoccupé : Je suis ennuyé de vous savoir malade.

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