The song [Three Lions] has been described as the de facto "anthem" of English football since 1996. Its chorus, with the refrain "It's coming home", has become a popular chant for fans at England games.

I was joking with a couple of French friends during the last minutes of the match France-England and I said.

Il ne revient pas à la maison.

I am wondering if my wording was idiomatic enough.

Il ne revient pas chez lui.

sounds not natural to my ears.

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Neither is idiomatic. Both of these sentences are actually failures. The very same failure this fake ad from the English tabloid "The Sun" exhibits:

enter image description here

Il rentre chez nous doesn't mean the Cup come back home but "the player (Jude Bellingham) is coming back to our home", a double failure even.

The pronoun it represents the World Cup which happens to be a feminine word in French (la Coupe du monde) so right and idiomatic translations could have been:

Elle ne revient pas chez elle.


Elle ne rentre pas à la maison.

while the original sentence would be:

Elle revient/rentre chez elle/à la maison.

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