From https://www.burnhamgorokhov.com/criminal-defense-resources/white-collar-crimes/understanding-proffers-in-federal-and-white-collar-criminal-cases/:

The individual is under investigation or has been charged with a crime, and wants to offer information to law enforcement authorities in exchange for some benefit, such as dropped or reduced charges or an agreement for a lower sentence.

The proposal to give such information is referred to as a proffer. What's the translation of proffer in French? My guess would be "offre de preuve" but I wonder if there exists a more accurate legal term. Google Translate and DeepL didn't help.

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C'est un substantif, « (proposition d')accord d'immunité conditionnelle » ; à distinguer du contexte du droit de la preuve où il s'agit de « présenter/offrir une preuve » (to tender/proffer evidence).

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