I would like to know if there is a difference between, qu'on and que l'on.

I read other answers, and it seems to me that the meaning is the same. In a phrase like

C'est souvent le week-end que l'on fait la grasse matinée.

Could I also say

C'est souvent le week-end qu'on fait la grasse matinée.

Is the second one grammatically correct?

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Both sentences are equally grammatical. the l' is optional and a remnant of the definite article from the time when on was still seen as an equivalent of "homme".

C'est souvent le weekend que l'homme fait la grasse matinée.

On the other hand, a pronoun doesn't need any article so "qu'on fait la grasse matinée" is fine. The article is more common when it is feared that the audience might hear con instead of qu'on.

See “L’on y danse”: why the article “l’ ”?

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