In the song Petite folle by Orlando di Lasso (Lassus) there is a phrase

'En bonne foi, vous êtes la plus duitte.'

On YouTube I hear singers of a famous chamber choir pronounce the word 'foi' as 'fui' or 'foui'.

Why is that or is it simply a mistake?

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    I hear /fwɛ/ or /fuɛ/ which is the regular 16th century pronunciation. The /wa/ pronunciation of the letters "oi" is recent. The letters "oi" were pronounced /we/ until about the 19th century or maybe later in some rural areas. I think it's still the case in Québec. French Language already has a good answer on this pronunciation.
    – None
    Sep 19 at 12:12
  • Clear! Thank you very much!
    – Ed Olijkan
    Sep 20 at 12:08


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