Due to an outburst he had last year, David (a top lecturer) has been ordered to receive therapy. He is talking to his therapist after a long hiatus.


Therapist: It’s been a while. How are you?

David: I am well.

Therapist: Why have you returned to therapy? I thought you overcame your anxiety and depression.

David: There are other problems that I’m still having to resolve. Like, my addictions. I need help some help to defeat them.


How do you say “There are other problems I am still having to resolve.” in French?

If the scenario is not clear enough, I do apologise. To avoid ambiguity, David is trying to express that he has been trying to solve these other problems for a very long time and despite having gone to therapy he is still having to face them.


I am struggling to translate “that I am still having to solve.” in French.

Is it

« Il y a d’autres problèmes que je dois toujours résoudre. »


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Toujours can be ambiguous too, as a link from the web page you quote states. For example Il est toujours en France might mean that he never leaves France, he is always in France.

Therefore, Il y a d’autres problèmes que je dois toujours résoudre wouldn't be my best choice because it might be understood to imply these problems have no solution.

I'd rather say here:

Il y a d'autres problèmes qu'il me reste encore à résoudre.

  • Thank you for your help @jlliagre. I really appreciate! Based on your answer, my scenario may be ambiguous. I have hopefully clearly stated the meaning behind David’s words.
    – Noybwbh
    Commented Dec 26, 2023 at 1:37

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