How do we conjugate the verb right next to the conjugated verb? I know that we should use infinite next to the conjugated verb or preposition. For infinitive, if it's a pronominal verb ex : se promener. Do I write se promener or according to the subject in the sentence. For ex : Je veux ____ (se promener) Will the answer be se promener or me promener? Thank you.


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When you have a sentence with a verb that is already conjugated, the verb right after is in the infinitive.

Ex: Je veux manger.

Ex: Je peux essayer?

Manger and essayer are in the infinitive form: I want to eat & can I try?

This said, when we have a reflexive verb (se regarder, s’habiller, s’aimer, s’asseoir, …), we conjugate the personal pronoun to the noun it links to.


Je veux me promener

Tu veux te promener

Il/Elle veut se promener

Nous voulons nous promener

Vous voulez vous promener

Ils veulent se promener

I hope this helps!

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