I found a video where some one explains in french language you cannot use only the sustantive in a phrase, they say you must include a "detérminant" like an article. (1)so that you must never say_________ and (2)you should say__________, I found these examples:

(1) On ne dit pas salut filles > (2) On dit salut les filles (1) On ne dit pas Je mange pain > (2) On dit Je mange du pain

I get I have to combine "partitifs" with sustantives, and also combine them with a verb, but now I do not know which verbs can be combined with partitifs or the logic in that and which ones cannot, does someone understand this? and if that's the case could you explain this to me?

If I follow the rule I shouldn't say a sustantive without an article or determinant but I've listened people to say Je parle français but they do not say Je parle le français, :( why?

  • After which verbs you use the partitive article in front of the noun depends on the meaning of the verb, whether or not the meaning admits speaking about a certain quantity (what the partitive is about), an answer about aimer which you can adapt to any verb. About je parle français. Je parle le français is also said. There's already a question and answer about that.
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Je parle le français is possible but rare, unless you specify which French its is about:

Je parle le français de Belgique.

In Je parle français, the word français is kind of an adverb and uses no déterminant like say Il voyait rouge.

This specific usage has expanded to other expressions like:

Il s'habille italien.
Elle mange bio.


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