In the following news (5 Mar) of RFI

60 % d'entre eux jugent que ces deux candidats sont trop âgés pour le poste de président des États-Unis.

the p is pronounced. I may simply have a false impression, but I've never heard trop pronounced before.

Hence the question. Is p to be pronounced when followed by a vowel? For instance, should I pronounce p in trop avancée?

This does not seem to mention p.


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Is p to be pronounced when followed by a vowel?

It's always pronounced in poetry and it is common in formal speech. Otherwise the liaison is optional.

For instance, should I pronounce p in trop avancée?

It's up to you. You'll be understood in either case.

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    Tiens, c'est une liaison que je ne fais pas toujours. De toute façon, ces liaisons, sont un peu volatiles. On les fait, on ne les fait pas...
    – Frank
    Commented Mar 9 at 3:27
  • @Frank Oui, optional!
    – jlliagre
    Commented Mar 9 at 14:08
  • In informal speech in Quebec, I think the p is almost never pronounced, and if it were, it would sound affected.
    – Eggy
    Commented Mar 16 at 0:03
  • @Eggy Yes, In France too, the more casual the speech, the less we hear that liaison. The liaison seems to be rare in 'neutral' register too in Québec, although it can still appear like here. 44'50": trop à la légère.
    – jlliagre
    Commented Mar 16 at 1:57
  • @jlliagre I admire how you find examples! I've watched that YouTube presenter before. One is immediately struck by his over-enuniciation. Do you agree?
    – Eggy
    Commented Mar 16 at 12:55

The rule is that the p should be pronounced. That being said, many native French speakers omit it when speaking at familiar level.

Said differently:

  • for an interview where your French skills are tested, you should pronounce it
  • for a formal discussion with a (potential) customer, you should pronounce it
  • when speaking with friends, it is up to you

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