I'm trying to translate the following English mathematical sentence into French.

''Let G be a locally compact group, where u is the left Haar measure on G.''

For the first part, it has already been answered here:

How do I properly say “Let X be a Y” in the mathematical setting?

I should begin with ''Soit G un groupe localement compact,''

as for the rest, I could say ''et soit u la mesure de Haar surs G.'', but would this form a run-on sentence, or am I even saying what I mean to?

And finally, since ''gauche'' is the French word for ''left'', where do I insert it to modify my statement correctly?


Je traduirais comme ceci:

Soit G un groupe localement compact où u est la mesure de Haar à gauche sur G.

  • Merci. :) ------
    – roo
    May 4 '14 at 23:56

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