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La question fait référence à un mot, une expression, un texte en espagnol ou à la langue espagnole directement.

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Learning French from English or Spanish

As a native English speaker, I learned Spanish using both classroom study and in-country learning. I am fluent in Spanish, but don't have the same vocabulary as in English, however, I probably have a ...
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How to textually describe the pronunciation of spanish names with "oi"?

There are many names and family names in Spanish that contain the combination of vowels "oi" (Roilán, Moisés, Loinaz, etc.). When these names are pronounced in French, the original pronunciation is ...
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French equivalents of "some people", as in "Honestly, some people!"

To express the idea of "Honestly, some people!" (said irritatedly), in conversation I said jokingly: Tu ne sais pas que c’est mal élevé d’interrompre une conversation ? Franchement, il y a de ces ...
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Why is it "c'était il y a longtemps" and not "ça a été il y a longtemps"?

In Spanish we write "eso fue hace mucho tiempo" (preterite). Why do we use the imparfait tense it French?
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In French culture, does the metaphorical phrase "lui jeter des assiettes en pleine figure" convey the idea of "having a heated argument"?

I was having a conversation with my Spanish friend, and I said: Pero a Séréna no le hizo tanta gracia... La noche que se lo conté salió volando más de un plato, no te digo más... The phrase in ...
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"Mon oppression est due à votre identité et à vos droits, qui me manquent." vs "Votre identité et vos droits, qui me manquent, m'oppressent."

Mon oppression est due à votre identité et à vos droits, qui me manquent. Votre identité et vos droits, qui me manquent, m'oppressent. Laquelle des deux phrases est correcte ? C'est un commentaire ...
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Is Spanish a subset of French? [closed]

I heard someone say "if (as a speaker of English) you learn French, you get Spanish for free". Is this true? Is Spanish mostly a subset of French?
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