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Prononciation des genres des nuages: stratus, cirrus, cumulus

Comment prononce-t-on les noms de genres des nuages: stratus, cirrus et cumulus, ainsi que cumulonimbus ? J'apprecierais la transcription IPA. Une question liée: s'agit-il des termes techniques ou est-...
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Good sources for IPA transcription of words

Wiktionary contains many IPA transcriptions, like, say /œf/ in the page for oeuf I am just wondering how reliable that is. Is there a better source? Is there a standard reference? I find that ...
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The 'o' in 'Politique' and 'Science Po'

As a native English speaker, I hear and speak the 'o' in the French 'Sciences Politique' and 'Sciences Po' very differently. I am always a little confused by the abbreviation 'Sciences Po' because I ...
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Differences in pronunciation in dictionaries

Why there are differences in pronunciations descriptions in dictionaries? For example "heureux": Larrouse: [ɶrø] Wordreference: [øʀø] Le Grand Robert: [œʀø] Le Petit Robert: [øʀø] These ...
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IPA spelling of 'possible' in French seems to be in conflict with how its pronounced

French word 'possible' -> [pɔsibl]. The IPA is written this way but all the audio examples I've heard use the regular IPA /o/ rather than /ɔ/. Anyone know why that is? I'm coming from an English ...
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Prononciation de l'ancien français

Je cherche des ressources qui donneraient la prononciation des mots d'ancien français, par exemple, sous forme d'IPA. Je sais que l'ancien français a une prononciation relativement phonétique, mais ...
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