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2 answers

Conveying the ironic use of 'nice try'

The conversational phrase nice try can be used ironically when someone is trying to cheat you or play a trick on you. For instance. -"You'll double your money in a month if you invest in this ...
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1 answer

Sarcastic “Surprise, surprise” equivalent for informal French?

Is there anything in French like saying “Surprise, surprise!” sarcastically? “Oh, he bought ANOTHER Nintendo game.” “Surprise, surprise. It’s all he does.” Wordreference gave me “Comme par hasard” ...
2 votes
3 answers

Meaning of "on aura l’air malin"

En outre, j’ai remarqué que cette initiative avait remis pour moi une forme de sens dans des conférences parfois un peu trop orientées « business ». Le business, c’est chouette, mais on aura l’air ...