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"Ce à quoi" vs "à quoi"?

I've been going through examples in a French grammar workbook, and I saw this example sentence: J'ignore ce à quoi il s'abonne. But then I also saw this: Je ne sais pas à quoi il pense. These ...
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Different occurrences of “que”, “qu'” or “qui” in questions

Qui est-ce ___ parle ? What should the blank be filled with? que qu' qui I am really confused about this! Is there an explanation?
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Répétition du sujet sous forme de pronom dans les questions

Des phrases interrogatives telles que « Comment le prisonnier a-t-il pu s'évader? » sont assez courantes et il semble parfois que l'on ne puisse pas exprimer leur contenu autrement; par ...
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Can "que" be an interrogative subject pronoun?

In the following sentence (a newspaper headline), why is "que" used and not "qui" or "qu'est-ce qui"? Mais que sont ces cercles rouges sur le dos de Michael Phelps? Update: On reflection, I ...
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Que ou quoi + infinitif

Je m'interroge sur ces deux tournures de phrase : Pouvez-vous m'indiquer que répondre ? Pouvez-vous m'indiquer quoi répondre ? Sont-elles toutes les deux correctes ? Ont-elles le même niveau ...
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Qui and its uses

My French teacher recently told me that the interrogative qui can be used both as an interrogate as well as taking the place of a pronoun. I may be incorrectly interpreting what she said and this may ...
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What's the French word for "What" if it's the subject in an interrogative sentence? Like in "What did that to you?" That isn't "qu'est ce qui"

In French, is there a word for "What" like in "What did that to you"? In the sentence "What's happening?" "What" is often translated as "qu'est qui" and qu'est-il" why is this? And does this apply to ...
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Why is "qui" used here, when it looks like it is replacing a direct object?

I saw this sentence on Duolingo: Vous pouvez inviter qui vous voulez. I am wondering why "qui" is used here instead of "que". If we "undo" the pronoun, it looks like "qui" here is replacing a ...
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How to express "how many of them"

Je me demande combien d'entre eux vont passer les examens aujourd'hui ? Je me demande combien ils vont être à passer les examens aujourd'hui ? When I want to express the idea of "how many of ...
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"Je ne sais pas quoi demander" vs "Je ne sais pas ce que demander"

Is "quoi" here: Je ne sais pas quoi demander just an informal way of saying "ce que"? Shouldn't it be: Je ne sais pas ce que demander
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