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How to formally call an individual on a talkie walkie or other two-way radio

I am looking for something which is probably a link to a version of French Radio etiquette. (I have read French radio communication language and its links.) In watching "La Carte aux Trésors"...
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Why isn't there any non-parisian-accent journalists at French TV/radio?

France mainland accents are various, however only the standard accent —which is the middle-class Parisian accent— is present in French TV/radio channels which target the whole mainlanders, ...
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What might ((virg)) mean in a radio broadcast transcript?

I listen to RFI's Français Facile podcast and noticed that right when they play the little opening melody they have for it, the transcript says ((Virg)). What might that mean?
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Cherche des stations de radio francophones

Je cherche des stations de radio francophones qui diffusent de la musique des années 60 et 70 (oldies) ou du métal (death metal préferé), qui ont des animateurs et des programmes d'information. Je ...
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What is the "Mayday Mayday Mayday" procedure in French?

"Mayday" is an emergency procedure word used as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications in English. What would be the equivalent in French?
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French radio communication language

What are the words and phrases used in French for communicating over radio? I found this link but it is not quite what I'm looking for. For example in English phrases like: copy that / roger that ...
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Short French podcast used to transcribe?

I need a good resource to train my listening comprehension of French language. I decide to find some podcasts of 2-3 minutes which is appropriate for transcribing. Now I am a beginner and ...
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Content outside of Rosetta Stone. At what level or unit would the average user be able to comprehend French conversation or French Middle School Novel

I am interested in ordering a few French books, such as an atlas with a lot of pictures and a basic biography. I am in the 3rd unit of the first level of Rosetta Stone, so not to far along. For ...
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Can someone recommend a podcast that consists of book readings?

I have near-native fluency, and am just looking for a steady stream of fiction read aloud. I am familiar with Lectures Du Soir from Radio France, but it seems to be discontinued and I can only play ...
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French radio or tv programs about the French language?

I've just started to learn French and as I'm very interested in language in general, in my mother tongue, I listen to radio programs and watch tv series about this language. I'm thinking that I would ...
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Radio or podcasts for French language learners?

I'm looking for some French radio (preferably available online) which is good for French language learners. Not necessarily for beginners or learners specifically (though don't mind to get ...
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