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1 answer

Albertville 1992 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony Transcript Wanted

I am having trouble with transcribing Christophe Salengro's poems from the Albertville 1992 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony. I have scoured the Internet looking for a premade transcription, and ...
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2 answers

Quel est le nom du son de vibration des lèvres indiquant la perplexité ?

Je transcrit actuellement des enregistrements de discussions entre une chercheuse et ses participants. Il est important que toute hésitation, le son, et parfois même le ton de la phrase soit ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Meaning of "avant-veille"?

In this record, does the highlighted term mean … ? yesterday day before yesterday day before the date of burial in the first line something else Transcription (with my errors corrected by others—...
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Identify what the speaker said

In this clip,, from 12:45-12:48, what does the lady say? Is it « super sûre »?
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What are the lyrics of the opening of this youtube video ("La Victoire de L'Amour"', 2022 version)?

I must have listened to the opening to this daily youtube series about 30 times now, but I still can't make it out very well. The following is my pseudo-transcription. In various parts where I cannot ...
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Could someone identify what is being said?

What does Mélechon say in this video from 1:14:36 to 1:14:40?
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