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Not necessarily a single analysis but using et would restrict the number of persons doing the analysis to these three individuals. On the other hand, saying Wenger, Platini ou Deschamps indeed means the analysis are distinct to each other, but doesn't prevent other, non named people, to provide their own analysis, especially as the tweet talks about a ...


In French, 'pourtant', 'cependant' and 'néanmoins' have close meanings (I don't know their differences, by the way). I believe that 'yet' and 'however' are right translations. I think 'yet' is colloquial, while 'however' is more formal. I would probably say 'yet', but write 'however'.


I was thinking about the contrastive/contradictory adverbs "yet" and "however", and their equivalents in French "pourtant" and "cependant". "Yet" and "however" to me don't seem quite the same. I think that they differ in this way: "however" indicates contrast/contradiction but with a stronger connotation of negativity, like a sense that the contradiction ...

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