It's 'le passé composé d'un verbe conjugué à la voix passive' (passive form). Full details for 'happer' here. "il a été happé" = "he has been caught" or "he was caught" depending on the context


You have to understand a basic principle before going too far in the study of a language. Just as in your mother tongue the forms used have been handed down to the users of the language from a long tradition, although as time went by some changes were made. The forms we use today correspond to fixed meanings and that is all there is to it : you are dealing ...


An abbreviation is a truncation of a word, such as the use of inf. to mean infinitive. Fais and ai are conjugations of the verbs faire and avoir, not abbreviations. The infinitive will be the verb form that appears in the dictionary, and it must be conjugated before it is directly applied to a subject. To make an imperfect comparison to English grammar, is ...

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