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Liste de mots français avec "æ"

Dies iræ n'est pas du français, c'est du latin. La question parle des mots en français comportant la voyelle æ. Pas de tous les mots, éventuellement objets de citations en français, qui la comportent. ...
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Distinguishing "pu" and "ſcu" in cursive

From looking at other examples of "p" and "s" in the text, it seems that in the case of "paroisse", there are clearly 2 "s", the first apparently using an old &...
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Does savoir use a circumflex on the past participle su?

It is not a typo. Before being written su, this past participle was written as sû or sü to remind the older spelling seu (along with sçu, sceu and other). Jean Le Jeune, Le missionnaire de l'oratoire,...
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Does savoir use a circumflex on the past participle su?

It depends on how old is the text, but it's more of a typography than anything else. Nowadays, circumflex accents tend to disappear.
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La forme vous qui se termine par « es »

it comes from the latin where the second person plural is in -tis. The question is more why most verbs are now in -ez :-)
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