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Past participles of reflexive verbs can agree either with the subject or with the object. But the sentence in your question is in the present tense and the fact that it is a reflexive verb is irrelevant here. Se (re)trouver is what we call a stative verb1. Stative verbs express a state or manner of being, they have no objects (direct or indirect) but are ...


C'est la ville qui est envahie. Et comme c'est le verbe "être", on accorde.


1- In your example part of the sentence is omitted, which is quite possible and correct, you could read it this way: Donc j'avais peur de tester positive une fois que je serai rendue à l'hôpital. It is the same type of sentence as in the example you found: Il y a une voiture arrêtée au carrefour. in which the relative clause is ommitted (Il y a une ...


That's indeed an ellipsis but, as far as I'm used to, not of quand je suis because the tense wouldn't work, colliding with other meanings of être rendu. An less ambiguous alternative would be une fois: J'avais peur de tester positive une fois rendue à l'hopital. (once [arrived] in the hospital). It's more common to drop rendue and just use une fois: J'...

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