(No native speaker. I teach in a French University). As far as I know there is the noun vélocité but I don't encounter it very often (if at all). Instead one would use vecteur vitesse if a distinction should be made between the norm (i.e. speed) and the vector (i.e. velocity). One can verify it here https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vecteur_vitesse Le ...


Je suggère : La force peut être considérée physiquement comme répulsive ou attractive.


In French, you would translate both "speed" and "velocity", by "vitesse". If you want to convey that velocity is a vector, you would say "vecteur-vitesse". Now, if you want to use the word "vélocité", as it is noted above, you speak about something different: "la vélocité de ce garçon de café est impressionnante" is a sentence that can be pronounced after a ...

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