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What might ((virg)) mean in a radio broadcast transcript?

C'est une abréviation de virgule. Le mot est utilisé ici dans un sens technique précis. En radiophonie, une virgule est une séquence sonore courte (quelques secondes) qui établit une séparation courte ...
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Why isn't there any non-parisian-accent journalists at French TV/radio?

There's absolutely no legal text, targetting journalists, teachers (all sorts of accents heard among teachers, depends where they come from) or anyone else. Besides I don't think you are using "...
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How to formally call an individual on a talkie walkie or other two-way radio

You are right, the traditional wording used when A calls B is: — A pour B (, à vous) — B, j'écoute     or — Ici A, message pour B, à vous — Ici B, j'écoute This is what trained people like the ...
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What is the "Mayday Mayday Mayday" procedure in French?

MAYDAY is arguably more French than English, but MAYDAY is certainly the standard expression for this condition in the English-speaking world, which, by international agreement, includes aviation. ...
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French radio communication language

In a comment, user3486184 noted the NATO phonetic alphabet. It and other radio spelling alphabets were developed so that no letters could be confused in communications (B rhymes with C, D, G, P, T, V;...
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Radio or podcasts for French language learners?

To add to what has been said before, RTBF (Belgium) and RTS (Switzerland) are good to listen to as well.
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