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I found a different translation from the one that you put in your post, that might help you understand the meaning of this sentence: I remember this image: of being a child, a teenager, when Paris was different. This was before the War. The summers were hotter, certainly hotter than now as everyone believes, or at least, me, I do believe it. Very ...


Ici, « en principe » signifie « s’il n’y a pas de contretemps ». Here, « en principe » means « if no event changes this decision »


I quote (because I cannot comment), and looks at the meaning for a physical object (primary sense of each words): Baisser from bas (low, bottom) (lower) The object don’t changes its size, but goes to the bottom. « Baisser le volume sonore » is not related to the acoustic pressure, but to the controller of the amplifier. It is in fact related to « baisser ...


'Ben là' n'est équivalent ni à un 'euh' neutre, ni à 'c'est ça', au Québec. Il est équivalent aux exclamation de surprise, d'affirmation ou d'indignation suivantes : Ça alors! Franchement! : 'Ben là, utilise pas la brosse de toilette pour laver la vaisselle!' C'est évident : 'Crois-tu que je devrais porter des bobettes pour faire du bunjee?' -Ben là!' C'...

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