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What movies or TV series can I use to improve my French?

Try News in Slow French....
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Why isn't there any non-parisian-accent journalists at French TV/radio?

There's absolutely no legal text, targetting journalists, teachers (all sorts of accents heard among teachers, depends where they come from) or anyone else. Besides I don't think you are using "...
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Yves Montand : "Télégramme" (pourquoi « mon chéri » au lieu de « ma chérie » ?)

Peut-être pour faire rire le public ? Ou peut-être une faute d'inattention parce qu'il avait prévu de commencer par mon amour puis il a changé d'avis ? Ou simplement parce que c'était un tic de ...
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French TV sites with English subtitles

A little googling may help. Some suggestions follow
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What movies or TV series can I use to improve my French?

I would recommend "Le Château de ma mère" and "Le Gloire de mon père," both excellent movies and spoken slowly enough to understand. But I suspect you'd like something online and ...
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