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She is doing it!
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I think those are the closest translations: « Elle/Il va le faire ! » - She/He's going to do it! « Elle/Il va y arriver ! » - She/He's going to do it! « Elle/Il peut le faire ! » - She/He can do it! ...

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In French, how do you say "How far along are you with X"?
Accepted answer
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I think the closest translation would be the French idiom "Où en es-tu [...] ?" Examples: Où en es-tu avec les nouvelles recettes ? Où en es-tu dans la création de nouvelles recettes ? ...

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Which preposition to use after the word "chaud" in the sense of "avoir envie de"?
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Q1: When I use the word "chaud" like this in the sense of "avoir envie de", I always couple it with the preposition "pour" instead of "de". I wonder if both are ...

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