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How can I use the preposition apart correctly regarding the method of payment?
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"en" is used for currency: je paye en euros, en dolards, en bitcoins it is also used to say that you pay with cash : je paye en espèces, en liquide, en cash "par" will be used for a payment method (...

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How to describe a school "house"
2 votes

Not sure, maybe "confrérie" (fraternities with names made up of Greek letters like "Delta Kappa Epsilon"...) You can also say "fraternité" (for boys) or "sororité" for girls

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Nombres avec suffixe autrement que 1er, 2e, 2de,
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There is the same principle for quantities, with "aine" for sufix : douzaine (dozen) : 12aine , quinzaine (fifteen or so) 15aine , and all tens : 10aine, 20aine, 30aine... 100aine is the only ...

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