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I'm a web developer in the field of education and training.

At work, I'm developing in Javacript/Node, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL... And I occasionally write Bash scripts to automate stuff on my desktop machines and servers.

As for other software and tools, I'm using (or have used) Visual Studio Code, PHP Storm, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, WSL, Docker, VirtualBox, Apache... I have also used Cordova to create iPad apps.

I mainly work on Windows, but Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) and macOS as well.

At the moment I'm interested in improving my skills with Javascript frameworks such as Vue and Svelte, and other tools, libraries and frameworks which are based on them or can be combined with them (Capacitor, Quasar, Firebase, etc.).

I sometimes take part in online competitions such as CodinGame, Code Wars and Advent of Code.

At home, when I have some spare time, I also like programming. I tried some Nintendo DS programming in Lua, C, and C++. In the process, I learned (basic) OpenGL and wxWidgets on desktop computers, too. I like to watch YouTube videos about programming languages and techniques I don't use at work, such as C, modern C++, p5.js, game programming, 3D, and various algorithms.

Besides programming and computers, I'm a total music (metal/rock) and movie (fantasy/horror/sci-fi) geek. I like going to live gigs, eating in nice restaurants, and travelling to countries I never visited before. Oh, and I love the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books which were popular in the eighties, and of which I own a few dozens :-)

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