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GNUSupporter 8964民主女神 地下教會's user avatar
GNUSupporter 8964民主女神 地下教會
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Math student and GNU/Linux user. Support Santilli's keyboard attack to free netizens from censorship.

Build your free personal math blog with comments on GitLab

View demo at

Server-side setup


Client-side setup

  1. Clone this repo

     git clone --recurse-submodules <your-site-name>

    If this is your personal page, <your-site-name> is <your-user-name>

  2. Start a new project on GitLab named as <your-site-name>

  3. Add your GitLab bot user as a "developer" for your project

  4. Remove existing comments under the folder data/ and the file LICENSE

  5. Modify the following fields in the Hugo config file config.toml. Comment out stuff by #

     baseURL = "https://<username>"
     title = "Your title"
       subtitle = "Your subtitle"
       api = "https://<your-api><username>/<username>"
       pulls = "<username>/<username>"
       name = "Your name"
       website = ""

If this is your project page, use the following parameters instead

    baseURL = "https://<username><your-project>"
      api = "https://<your-api><username>/<your-project>/master/comments"
      pulls = "<username>/<your-project>/merge_requests"
  1. Either remove the reCAPTCHA config or change the parameters below with your own site key and secret (You may apply your personal ones with your Google account)

       sitekey = "6Lcv8...--qkFo"
       secret = "p5u...wNw=="
  2. Remove these lines at the bottom of config.toml

       name = "Source"
       url = ""
       weight = 2
  3. Edit the bottom of staticman.yml corresponding to (6)

  4. Comment moderation:

    • approval before publish: moderation: true.
    • otherwise: go to Settings → Repository → Protected Branches and permit your GitLab bot to push against master branch.

Write new posts.

  1. Execute hugo new posts/<your-filename>.md
  2. Edit content/posts/<your-filename>.md
  3. Save everything with git add .
  4. Commit with git commit
  5. Publish with git push -u origin master


demo staticman math comment

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