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Travis van der Font

A software programmer, web developer, gardener, beer brewer, and music artist making the world less frustrating and more enjoyable one day at a time.

Supporting Languages:
PHP, JavaScript / TypeScript, C & C++, and sometimes C#

Databases Languages:
MySQL (including MariaDB), MongoDB, and sometimes Jsonnet & TOML

PHP Frameworks:
Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, CakePHP, PHPUnit, and WordPress

JavaScript Frameworks / Libraries:
Angular, jQuery, Lodash, Locutus, & moment.js/date-fns

Local Server Environment:
Wampserver & WPN-XM with Redis on Windows (including Webpack, Gulp & Grunt)

Application Technologies:
PhpStorm/WebStorm/CLion, MS Visual Studio, EMS SQL Manger & SQLYog w/ HeidiSQL, Robomongo, Postman, TortoiseGit w/ GitKraken, Notepad++, and Bugsnag

Mobile Development:
Ionic, NativeScript, and sometimes Xamarin

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