I found this sentence and I’ve tried to translate it but I can’t seem to find out what exactly it means.

www.wordreference.com said the verb “importer” was to import or for something to be important but I can’t see what sense that makes in this sentence:

“Je ferais bien d’importer la méthode chez nous”

I would do well to make the method important at our house??

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It's really "to import" (as opposed to export).

Je ferais bien d’importer la méthode chez nous.

Without more context given, I'd explain it like this:

We saw a different method. (context implicit)
We find it interesting. (that's implicit)
We might apply it ourself (in our home/company, country, it depends what "chez nous" refers to, but without context, it's hard to guess). Clearly, I should do so. (for "je ferais bien")

So instead of importing/exporting products (like we use to for fruits, etc.), we import an abstract thing, in your case a method.

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