"Mon histoire" would be interpreted as "My story" wouldn't it? Would it be correct to say "Mon historique" or simply "Historique"?


Histoire encompass both history and story meanings (which slightly overlap), depending on the context.

Mon histoire usually means "The story of my life" which looks to be what you are looking for.

Mon historique is odd, it usually means: "my logs".

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  • For clarity, I believe jlliagre means “my written logs,” in case anyone else stumbles over what felled trees have to do with son historique. – porque_no_les_deux Jul 19 '18 at 23:05
  • Actually, "logs" or "written logs" is more accurate to the context in which I'm trying to use this phrase, not "the story of my life." Thanks for the clarification! – Justin Jul 19 '18 at 23:11

According to WordReference, a story is a fictional tale. So to say "mon histoire", I'd use "My history".


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Good answers posted already, I just wanted to hint at the possible use of

Mon parcours

Even if not literal, in the case of a person it might be a better option, more humane and less formal/pretentious/academic.

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