'Our sea resort hotel has had its moment. But our profits have suffered after that, and it's really put the owner in a bad mood. Well, it was good while it lasted. But never mind that now.'

I was watching an American TV drama program on Netflix and I remember hearing a line like above. I want to find out if there exists French expressions resembling 'has had its moment'. Its meaning is like saying that the hotel was prosperous and famous for a while and it bathed in a spotlight but it has now passed its peak.


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It seems that no expression as concise exists in French; the one used below is a fixed expression;

  • Il a eu ses moments de gloire.

  • Notre hôtel en bord de mer a eu ses moments de gloire. Mais les revenus qu'en tirent les propriétaires ont diminué et cela nous rend malheureux. Enfin, tant que ça a duré ça aura été pour le mieux. Mais n'y pensons plus maintenant.

If you are talking about a unique period of that type, this is also idiomatic;

  • Il a eu son heure de gloire.
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As @con-gras-tue-les-chiens commented, the most common idiom is heure(s) de gloire.

enter image description here

Here is then a possible translation with slight changes to stay idiomatic:

Notre hôtel, sur la côte, a connu ses heures de gloire puis son patron a commencé a sérieusement faire la gueule car la rentabilité n'était plus au rendez-vous. Bon, c'était bien tant que ça marchait mais aujourd'hui, on tourne la page.

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