We use "to care" in a variety of ways in English. I struggle to translate some of these expressions into French.


  • Why does she care? (Significance: Why is she involved when the situation has nothing to do with her?)

  • I can't help them if they don't care. (Significance: to be involved/interested in helping one's self.)

  • To care about one's community

Can someone please help with these translations? I'm not sure what I'm missing but I feel like direct translations don't quite get the same point across.

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    FL is not a translation service. Try and give us a specific sentence in French, saying what words or phrases you have problems with, and then you'll get help. Have you tried looking in an English French dictionary?
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  • Why does she care?

    "De quoi s'occupe-t'elle ?"

    Implying that you are thinking that she should mind his own business: "Elle devrait s'occuper de ses oignons" (idiomatic expression).

  • I can't help them if they don't care.

    "Je ne peux pas les aider s'ils s'en moquent" or (slang) "s'ils s'en foutent".

  • To care about one's community

    "Prendre soin de sa communauté"

  • Graffito! Grand merci! Désolé si j'ai mal utilisé le site. J'habite dans une village au Cameroun et j'ai l'accès limité à l'internet. J'utilise le dictionnaire toujours. Pourtant, quelque fois le dictionnaire ne peut pas aider parce que certaines choses ne peuvent pas être directement traduits. Graffito, merci beaucoup pour ton aide!! Commented Mar 7, 2016 at 7:42

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