A huckleberry is a type of berry found in North America. What's the translation of "huckleberry" in French?

Google Translate and DeepL didn't help. Google Translate mentioned "airelle" but that looks like a different fruit. (airelle is red)

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    Airelle is not that wrong, as it refers to the Vaccinia family. But it's like saying apple when you want to know if it's a golden or a granny smith. However, you'll almost always find airelle as a direct translation for cranberry in french (even though the best translation is canneberge).
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From these sources, that would be a baie de gaylussaquier.

Baie (like berry) is the generic term for these small fruits but gaylussaquier (gaylussacia) is new to me although I recognize Gay Lussac in it. Gaylussaquier was coined after the Latin name Gaylussacia that was given to this plant in the early 19th century.

As already answered, airelle is another generic name that come to mind in French to name such fruits:

enter image description here

Source: Dictionary of the French and English languages, F. E. A. Gasc, London, 1877

This particular one is also named airelle corymbifère:

  enter image description here

Source: Second rapport du Comité sénatorial chargé de recueillir des renseignements sur les produits alimentaires naturels des Territoires du Nord-Ouest et sur les meilleurs moyens de conserver et d'augmenter ces ressources, Ottawa, 1887.

  • I suspect "gaylussaquier" may be a word coined by the Québec government from the scientific name for these plants, so that Québecois won't call these things "huckleberries". I don't know whether it will be any more successful than the Académie française's efforts to expunge anglicisms from the French language. Commented Jan 11, 2023 at 13:31
  • @PeterShor The Latin name is much easier to convert to French than the English one so it's its natural translation. Huckleberry might have given heuquelberges though ;-) just like kraanbeere/cranberries gave canneberges.
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Huckleberries are a North American berry that I suspect is unknown in France; it's not clear there's a French word for them.

Linguée suggests airelle myrtille and airelle fausse-myrtille. These literally mean something like cranberry blueberry and cranberry false blueberry.

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    S'il y a un nom commun pour l'huckleberry, il doit être québecois, parce qu'ils y poussent. Commented Jan 9, 2023 at 13:29
  • À un moment donné il y avait un contributeur vraiment féru de ces sujets fort intéressants, @pasunclue, peut-être qu'un jour il va voir ça et ajouter une réponse, j'ai peur de ne pas avoir ce contact et cette connaissance de la nature, malheureusement. Commented Jan 9, 2023 at 16:56

Termes/sources utiles :

Gaylussaccia (GDT)
Airelle à longues étamines (GDT)
Myrtille (GDT)
Gaylussacia/gaylussaquier à fruits bacciformes (Termium : « Il n'y a pas de nom vernaculaire pour cette espèce de plantes. »)
Gaylussaquier à fruits bacciformes (Herbier du Québec)
Gaylussaccia à fruits bacciformes (Flore Laurentienne, Fr. Marie-Victorin, 1935, BanQ, 432, 438, 441)
Vocabulaire des petits fruits (OQLF)


Huckleberry in french is "Airelle"


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